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DeHan tools deep hole drilling, quality trustwort-----------------2015-07-25

With the rapid development of the society, the deep hole drilling in the mechanical hardware mold product processing industry, the application is more and more widely. As is known to all, metal cutting, drilling, the ...More

The status quo and Research on the technology of c-----------------2015-07-25

In the present world, the hole drilling technology with the outer chip (such as gun), the diameter of the hole can be cut to the diameter of 2mm. And the hole diameter of the inner hole drilling hole is less than the ...More

Method and application of gun drill in deep hole m-----------------2015-07-25

At present, with small diameter deep hole number of products more and more, according to the traditional processing method, can only be used after long twist drill and the depth of each process about 1 ~ 2 times the diameter must retreat knife chip, no...More

The difference between domestic gun drill and gun -----------------2015-07-25

 Note on the deep hole drilling and the requirements for its cutting tools One, the deep hole drilling and processing of attention 1, the cutter rod is limited by the aperture, the diameter ...More

Deep hole with a gun or hard alloy hole drilling m-----------------2015-07-25

Gun drill used for high-speed steel or hard alloy manufacture. Deep hole drilling can be based on the size of the size, the use of welding or mechanical clamping of the structure of the hard alloy blade. Deep hole drilling on the guide block guide and ...More

Application of coating gun drill in deep hole mach-----------------2015-07-25

Gun drill after coating, the gun drill support circular face hole wall of the extrusion effect is enhanced, and because the tool Xu with the increase of rotational speed, the length of the iron becomes shorter, chip s...More

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