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Dongguan City DeHan Tools Co. ,LTD was founded in 2007 and headquartered in Dongguan Changan, the factory specializing in the production and processing deep hole drilling and deep hole drilling and re-welding, deep hole drilling machines and sales of various types of imported products gun drill, Germany Arbor, various types of imported and carbide rod, lug, solder and the like.Tak Korea Tool introducing foreign advanced technology, has an excellence, unremitting innovation team. Years focused on deep hole cutting tool research and development production, the factory has a complete and scientific quality management system and have many deep hole drilling external processing, for customers to solve a variety of difficult artifacts. The company spirit of "sincere trust, service first, quality first, quality supremacy" business philosophy, to provide users with economical and reasonable gun drilling and deep refueling program! Products with good quality have been widely recognized by the industry, welcomed all the friends come to visit, guidance and business negotiation.


  • Quality

    We continuously pursue higher quality products,any details are perfect,just want to provide you the bes tproducts.

  • Professional

    To provide you with the most professional project and consulting,tailored by the most professional team for you.

  • Efficiency

    In to accept your order start from design,production to delivery, strict requirements are completed on time,after-sales service is done in rapid active service,customer-oriented principle,let you have no trouble back at home.




Service and Support

Four kinds of failure analysis VS Countermeasures

Wreck accident

  • Check the feed mechanism;
  • Whether the cut material is not clamped;
  • Anti-vibration sleeve settings are appropriate;
  • Regrind if there are problems;
  • Feed rate is not uniform;
  • Reference tool life items.

Machining accuracy

  • Slow down;
  • Check the spindle's vibration;
  • The feed rate is uniform;
  • Whether the material is cut clamp;
  • Whether the drilling tool is not clamped.
  •    Sincere Trust

  •     Service First

  • Quality Supremacy

Cutting tool life

  • Whether the cutting speed is too fast;the feed speed is too fast or too slow;
  • The vibration of the main shaft is too large;
  • Check the concentricity of the spindle and the guide bush;
  • The gap between the guide sleeve and the drill;
  • Select appropriate,tip and angle guide surface.

Cutting process

  • Correct selection of oil pressure and the amount;
  • Whether the viscosity of the oil is too high;
  • When cutting hard, slow feed rate;
  • Correctly selected drill tip shape,angle;
  • Increase cutting drainage tank。


DeHan tools deep hole drilling, quality trustworthy

With the rapid development of the society, the deep hole drilling in the mechanical hardware mold product processing industry,the application is more and more widely.《More》